Drainage Work

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to say that over the coming weeks there will be some ground works happening at the site as I am getting some drainage put in. It will be going from the tap on the corner fence post up the path parallel to the A and B rows and then from the rap across into the ditch. Although it will cause mess at the time of it being done I believe the long term benefit will be much better. If you have any issues please contact me.

Regards, Bryony


Hello Everyone,

Some of you may not be aware but we are now offering sheds. If you would like any further information please contact Bryony on email or on 07739752317.

Happy to answer any questions and photos will be going up shortly.


Jobs for October

Coming into Autumn now, there is still plenty to be getting on with on your plot.

  • Collect and dry seeds from easy crops like tomatoes, peas, beans and squash.
  • Gather the last of the summer crops.
  • Freeze, bottle and jam what you can’t eat now.
  • Clear away all harvested crops and add to the compost heap.
  • Plant Japanese Onions.


What to do with different Vegetables:

  • Sprouts- cut off the tops.
  • Broad Beans.
  • Tomatoes- dig them up and put them into the greenhouse.
  • Cabbage- cut cross at the top of the stem.  

What to do Now: September

Although we are coming to the end of what has seemed to be a rather wet summer, there is  still jobs that can be got on with throughout the month.

  • Sow and plant Winter Salads and other leafy greens for quick picking in a few weeks time.
  • Pick all Tender Crops before the frosts arrive!
  • Stop feeding any remaining plants.
  • Sow Green Manures for overwintering and dig into the soil in the Spring.
  • Tidy up your borders.
  • Plant bulbs for Spring Colour- Daffodils, Crocus, Iris. Plant the bulbs at two or three times their depth, with the growing point facing upwards in a very sunny point on your plot.
  • Plant Hardy Perennials.
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Hose Pipe Ban – Starting 5th April, 2012

“As you are probably aware, the hose pipe ban will come into effect in this area on Thursday 5th April.  We will have to comply with the restrictions and are therefore going to install some water troughs where you will be able to fill your watering cans.  We will install a trough at each end of the allotments next to the stand pipes and another will be installed half way down the allotments.  They will be self filling so there will be a constant supply of water available.  I’m sure this will work just fine and will ensure that we follow the Water Company’s directive.”


Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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Skip Delivery on Friday 11th November

On my previous visits to site I have noticed a large amount of Green Waste being dumped in the corners and hedgerows of the site. I do not allow this and I have always encouraged waste to be taken off site or put into individual compost bins. Due to the rubbish I have seen around site I have organised for a skip to be delivered to the site on Friday 11th November, it will be available for the weekend. Could I please ask that only Green Waste is put into the skip.

I hope to be arranging an area on site where Green Waste can be disposed and left to decompose into compost for reuse.

Thank you, Bryony

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Muck and Noticeboard Update

We have delivered some compost and cow muck down to site this week, so it would be recommended to get there while you can before it all goes.

We have also got a noticeboard up at the site now, for anyone who would like to have anything placed inside we ask if the information can be emailed or posted to us, as we hold the keys and we shall get it put up for you.



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Get Growing for the Winter

Now we are into Autumn, and its the best time to sow your broad beans, peas, turnips and winter spinach; and time to plant your spring cabbages, your garlic and onions.

Although the majority of the growing season is over your plot does not have to stay barren for the winter. Make the most of your plot all year round.



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Interesting Pictures

If you, or your family have had any funny moments down at the allotments and were lucky enough to snap a photo, send them in and we can load them up onto the website.

I’ve heard that falling into the compost heap has been a crowd pleaser!!!